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Stem or Stereo Mastering?

Which Mastering Approach Is Right For Your Project?

Stereo Mastering involves working with a single stereo mixdown of each song. This is great for most projects but in some cases better results can be achieved by splitting a track out into a handful of sub-mixes (stems) and processing these separately. This is known as Stem (or Separation) Mastering. For example we could compress, EQ or widen the stereo spread of the guitars without affecting the rest of the mix.

Stem Mastering is a good option for clients who are after more of a mix-master approach, perhaps because they are unhappy with a particular mix element. But it can also provide more transparent results on projects where extreme loudness is a priority. If you're unsure which approach will be right for your project please feel free to get in touch and we can take a listen to your mix and help you decide.

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