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Our Studio

The Tenth Egg Mastering Studio

At Tenth Egg we use only professional studio hardware and software to ensure that quality is maintained throughout the mastering chain. We also a range of consumer headphones & speakers to reference-check your material in a real-world setting.

The character of analogue, the precision of digital:
Our studio's mastering-grade plugin collection, used for precision EQ, multi-band compression/limiting and parallel processing, is complemented by a selection of analogue outboard to inject character and bring all-digital productions to life.

We are updating our mastering studio all the time to keep in step with delevopments in the industry and expand our creative options, but the core studio setup is as right.

Main Monitoring:
Genelec 8050a with matching sub

Apple Mac Pro with MOTU hardware and Apogee AD/DA convertors, running Wave Editor, Soundtrak Pro, Logic Studio, and plugins from Sonnex, Waves and IK-Multimedia

Various analogue outboard from Avalon, TL-Audio, Aphex and Focusrite, including valve-based compression and EQ

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