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Preparing Mixes For Mastering

Getting your tracks into the ideal format for our mastering engineers

Bit Depth: 16Bit or above - 24Bit is our preferred resolution

Sample Rate: 44.1kHz or above - use the sample rate your project was recorded at

File type: Pretty much any but .wav (Broadcast Wave) is preferred - avoid compressed formats such as MP3 or AAC

Headroom: 1dB or more - please avoid normalizing or clipping

Mix processing: We would prefer a mix free from any overall processing such as compression or EQ, unless it's an integral part of your 'sound'

Other details:
Please also include any other relevant info such as song title, project title, artist name, track order and your project reference number (found on your booking confirmation email).

Sending Online: using one of the free file transfer service such as or

Sending by post: Data CD/DVD, USB Memory Stick or Audio CD

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