Why Master? Tenth Egg Mastering
Why Master?
If you've ever wondered why commercial recordings sound louder, fuller or punchier than your own it could be because they've had the benefit of professional mastering.

Mastering is the final stage of production sitting between mixing and manufacture or distribution online. Bringing specialist equipment and expertise a mastering engineer will ensure that your record not only performs in terms of 'loudness', but also has the right tonal balance, stereo width, and depth of sound, creating a record that flows from track to track and is engaging to listen to. Crucially they bring a fresh pair of ears to your project and understand the technical demands of the end format, whether that's Audio CD, Vinyl or MP3 download.

Today the majority of music intended for release goes through some form of mastering process and with more independent artists also discovering the benefits, getting demos mastered is becoming widespread too.

To find our more and hear the difference mastering could make to your music click through to the mastering studio website.

Why Tenth Egg Mastering?
At Tenth Egg we believe we offer a mastering service that will appeal to independent artists and labels alike. We are passionate about music and helping artists get the best out of their recordings.
Professional Results
Experienced engineers and a great studio.
You Know What You're Paying
No hidden costs, pay per track not per hour.
Personal Service
Your music is personal and so is our service, talk direct to your engineer and get advice from our team via email or over the phone.
Fast Turnaround
Typically 3 days from receiving your mixes to dispatching your masters for singles / EPs and 5 days for album projects.
Track Your Project Online
You can track the progress of your mastering project from start to finish online through a unique project status page.
If you're not happy, we're not happy!
Our studio setup combines the accuracy of digital and the character of analogue processing to give your masters the benefit of both worlds. We treat each project as unique and will design a processing chain to get the best from your mixes. Here are some of the tools we might use:
Compression - Multi-band / Full-band, Series / Parallel
Equalisation - Shelving, Paramentric, Filtering
Limiting - Multi-band / Full-band, Soft Clip / Hard Clip
Expansion - Multi-band / Full-band, Series / Parallel
Harmonic Exciting
Stereo Width Adjustment
Editing - Cuts, Fades, Edits, Volume Automation
Restoration - De-noise, Click/Pop Removal
To find our more and hear the difference mastering could make to your music click through to the mastering studio website.