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Those of you who read our blog regularly will probably have noticed the appearance of 'follow us on Twitter' links starting to appear across the Production Tips and Studio Blog areas of Tenth Egg. We'll be using Twitter to update you about new content as it's added and also link to other interesting stuff from around the web that we don't have time to write a full-blown production tip or blog post on.
For example check out this totally free flash-based production tool from Hobnox that allows you to create music right in your browser:
We're also embracing AddThis social bookmaking allowing you to easily share the content from Tenth Egg on sites like Digg, Facebook and StumbleUpon. You can even email a page direct to a friend without ever leaving the site. Look out for the 'Share' button popping up on all our new pages (and eventually all our old ones too).
Keeping up to date with our latest content and sharing it with your friends has never been easier!
Want more? Read all our previous posts at:
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