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Nowadays most websites have at least one RSS feed, we’ve got two, one which links to all the content you can see here including our production tips and the other features just the tips If you’re not familiar with RSS then essentially it’s a really simple way to keep track of  content on a collection of sites. When you subscribe (don’t worry it’s all free!) to an RSS feed using your browser or a dedicated reader like Google Reader The contents of a particular site will be represented as a list of headlines with content descriptions underneath. You see a headline you like, click it and go direct to that page on the site. The advantage is that at a glance you can quickly see what’s new on a collection of websites without having to visit them one at a time and trawl through. However, if you subscribe to more then about 15 or so feeds that can still be information overload. But luckily Yahoo Pipes is here to help and Wil Harris from has a great video walkthrough to show you how.
Link: Stick that in your Yahoo pipe and smoke it