Beyerdynamic’s DT100 headphones are an industry standard, as familiar to engineers and musicians alike as Yamaha’s NS10 speakers and Sure’s SM58. With their rugged and easily serviceable construction, excellent noise isolation and clear sound they became a firm favourite in studios and on location in both music recording and broadcast applications. But as with most industry standards they were far from the perfect and while other models have moved on the DT100 design has changed little since it’s inception back in the 1980s. In particular Beyerdynamic have done nothing to address engineers’ principal criticism, the recessed low-end response. Enter the DT150 . . .
Rather then replacing the DT100 the DT150 is billed as an superior and separate model designed for a different purpose, the new black finish reemphasising this distinction. But, beyond the new paint job the only real cosmetic changes are the thinner headband and slightly thicker ear pads. However, one real bonus, especially for mobile musicians, is the use of a mini-jack as the default connector. However, the rest of us don’t miss out because each pair also comes with a 1/4” adapter which screws in place (a nice touch).
But the real difference comes in the sound. The “extended bass response” that Beyerdyamic describe is immediately apparent, whilst the top end also seems smoother with a higher reach. In fact the bass end is quite staggeringly full and punchy. My only critcism would be that perhaps the resulting frequency response is a little mid-light for mixing, which could produce slightly harsh sounding results. But the headphones are still very comfortable for extended listening and offer great noise isolation, both of which are musts for recording and mixing.
So to sum up there is no doubt that the DT150s are a very fine pair of headphones, but I can’t help feeling that this is what the DT100 model should be and without the £15 premium. For some the bass-end may be a little over-hyped, but if you need just one pair of headphones that will survive being dropped and trodden on in the studio and still offer the sound performance needed for mixing on the go then these are a good choice, I’ll certainly be hanging on to mine!
Rating: 4/5
Buy it at : Digital Village (£94.99)
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Review : Beyerdynamic DT150 Headphones
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