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Review : Rockbag 4 Way Mic Stand Bag
Whilst there are lots of choices when it comes to buying microphone stands, there are surprisingly few options for storing and transporting them. But we’ve come across a great solution in the form of the Rockbag 4 way Mic Stand Bag.
The first thing to note about this product is that it outperforms its name! It can in fact easily hold five standard boom stands. The next is the price; At just £12.99 it’s great value for money and a small price to pay for the connivence of carrying five stands in one hand.
The construction feels solid with a heavy duty zip, wraparound handles, rubberized feet and traditional Rockbag Rok-Tex material which is strong and water resistant whilst remaining flexible. There’s a card pocket at one end for you to stick your contact details in and the handle is padded for a less abrasive carrying experience. The only omission is a shoulder strap, but there are fabric hoops at either end should you wish to clip on one.
So no more crushing your fingers between boom and stand, or dropping one half way across a road. Once you’ve got a Rockbag you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.
Rating: 5/5
Buy it at : The Noizeworks
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