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Studio Stuff: Understanding Music Copyright
Copyright law is a phrase capable of inducing fear and boredom in equal measure yet as creative professionals copyright, and the wider notion of intellectual property, are the currencies which which we do business. In this piece I'm going to try and provide an introduction to copyright law essentials. In a nutshell copyright is your exclusive right, protected by law, to control your original work, including it's publication, distribution and adaptation. As a song-writer this gives you control over the reproduction, performance, and transmission of your music, lyrics and . . .
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Tips and tricks from our engineers to help you with your music making
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Studio Stuff: 
Calibrating Your Tea?
MyCuppa has a fun set of mugs that brings calibration to your daily tea or coffee consumption!
Production Tip 20 : 
Digital Audio Editing - Pt.1
Audio Editing is a fundamental skill for any engineer / producer to master and today's software editors provide us with some powerful tools.
Production Tip 21 : 
Digital Audio Editing - Pt.2
This month we look at some of the more advanced tools and techniques including restoration, timing and pitch correction
Finding the right studio
There will always be some production situations where it makes sense to use a commercial facility, so how do you choose?
Production Tip 22 : 
A Guide to Project Backup
If you're serious about making music in the digital age then you need to be equally serious about backup.