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Recommend us to a friend and get 20% off your next booking
If you’ve enjoyed using our mastering service, why not save money on a future project by recommending us to a friend. Just tell them to use your band name or customer number as a promotion code when booking and when they do we’ll give you a 20% discount on your next project.
Terms: Offer excludes cost of postage or additional CD copies.
If you’re recommending to someone who’s new to mastering then why not send them the link to our new ‘Why Master?’ page and let us do the explaining for you:
Music Production Tips
A great selection of tips & tricks written by our engineers to help you with you music making.
Stuff to Share
Links and mini articles about music-related stuff we think you might find interesting.
Tenth Egg Location
We don’t just do mastering, but location recording as well. Why not bring the benefits of a natural acoustic or that live vibe to your next project.
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